Breeze Payroll understands the time consuming and often complex aspects of managing payroll. Beyond issuing checks, there are tax issues, withholdings, compliance forms, payroll deposits and many other payroll requirements. Ready to take a break from it all? Our experienced Payroll Specialists are here to help.

Learn more about the simplicity of Breeze Payroll services in this short video. Or, sign up now to benefit from our comprehensive, professional payroll services, including:

· Flexible Payroll Solutions – choose to process payroll either online through our 24/7 web-based payroll service, by fax or email

· Payroll Tax Administration – automatically deposit payroll taxes and file your returns (941, 940, 944, etc.)

· Compliancy – avoid unnecessary and expensive compliance penalties

· Time and Labor Clarity – easily track vacation, sick leave, 1099 contractors, etc.

· Comprehensive Solutions – easily handle from 1 to 2000 employees in all 50 states

· HR Solutions – multiple withholding schedules, unemployment reporting, benefits, etc.

· Record-Keeping – Access payroll compliance, employee, and employer reports online, anytime. An additional employee portal allows employees to view their paystubs and W2’s.

Plus, our straightforward, cost-effective fee structure guarantees no hidden charges. We work one-on-one with all clients to make payroll a breeze .

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